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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Month of Fundays: Day 4 – Spa Day! A Day of Relaxation

First off, Sherri reads my blog! She reads it and likes it! I found this out today at the part-time job-hobby and it made me feel like a celebrity!

Now that I got that out of my system – today’s fun event is the beauty salon and spa; really anything pampering and relaxing if you are playing along. I spent six years writing about beauty and hair trends at the corporate job, so some of that had to rub off on me. Statistically, little luxury expenses like shampoo and eyebrow waxing – also like fancy coffees – are the last things Americans give up during economic crisis. You may sell the boat and house, but a good pedicure still makes you feel pampered and just a little bit special.

I am no exception to this rule. I always try to schedule a pedicure the morning of a long-flight travel day, and ever since the corporate office job, I participate in a waxing party every 8 weeks. What’s a waxing party, exactly? Well, during the office job it was three or four of us going to the local Regis salon during our lunch break to have our eyebrows waxed over a shampoo bowl. Now, it’s one of those fellow colleagues and I going to the local Cole’s salon and having our eyebrows waxed in an uber-comfy spa room. We follow this spa activity up with chai tea at the local Starbucks: Just a little girly time to spice up my not-so-girly lifestyle.

Yes, I just said someone ripping hair out of my eyebrows constituted today’s fun activity. Clearly, I am both insane and boring. I also said this act of tortuous tweezing was a party that I do every eight weeks. I like my pampering to occur as a group outing, I know others prefer a solitary environment – but I think pampering is more fun with glittering conversation and yes, a little gossip now and then. The Ancient Romans have been doing it for years! Alone time or group bonding, either way works as long as you get to the relaxation part. I think my waxing companion uses the appointment as a way to escape her household, husband and kids for an evening every 8 weeks. Escape, pamper, relaxation – what is not fun about that?

I think part of the spa day is self discovery…and I don’t just mean the Kelly Clarkson scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin. A good spa day isn’t a complete makeover – changing the outside won’t change the inside; a good spa day is about doing something small or simple to improve your outlook on life. A hair color change, foot soak, hand massage or facial hair removal is a fresh way to make you feel good. Yeah, it’s a total coping mechanism, but I think that’s why people are willing to spend money on the spa luxury. It’s just so simple. Also, now I have beautifully sculpted eyebrows and not bushman eyebrows slowly growing together (I shouldn’t joke about the uni-brown, but I DO fear it).

Picture: Take a picture of a beauty or hair care product you can’t live without. I didn’t take a picture, but I’d have to go with DevaCurl AnGEL – I’m fairly certain my hair would be twice its normal size during regular weather and at least 4 times the size during these humid months without it!

Song: Spa music has waves crashing on a beach and water falling and one reed flute being all fluty. Maybe a cello too. I’ve got nothing? Maybe the entire soundtrack from the Keira Knightley version of Pride & Prejudice; here’s song from that soundtrack: “Stars and Butterflies”. It’s kind of floaty.

Tomorrow: The Dinner Party

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