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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Month of Fundays: Day 19 – Hanging Out With Good Friends

At this point you’re thinking, Duh, Mariah. Of course it is fun to hang out with friends. You may also be thinking that a lot of the activities I’ve already talked about I did with friends or can be done with friends; and you are not wrong. I think I’m trying to get at the very heart of being human – or enjoying life. Surrounded by people who love you, or at least people who like you a good deal; you know – those people:

It’s habit alone keeps you turning from home, even though your home is right here, where the people who love you are gathered under the wise wishing tree…’Cause the people who love you are waiting and they’ll wait just as long as needs be.
--Mary Chapin Carpenter, “Jubilee”

Yes, those people. The ones who don’t judge you until you’ve delivered all of the facts and even then, they love you just the same. There, that sounds slightly less sappy then whatever it is I wrote up above.

I know the simple act of hanging out with those people is hard for some, due to distance or time or what have you, but try today. Call them up, Skpe, chat on-line, whatever; our world is becoming increasingly smaller – it’s just not that hard to stay in contact anymore. Of course, in person is somehow always more soul-fulfilling and I recommend that if at all possible.

Today was a rough day. No longer shrouded in my little cocoon of mini-break euphoria with only my husband and lots of nature; I had to go back to the part-time job-hobby this morning and then deal with DIY home improvements at the house. Why am I a packrat? What do I think will happen if I don’t have that one thing from that one time lying in a box somewhere in the bowels of my home? We DID get to toss and donate about 70% of the things living in our downstairs area. Which, yes, IS fun at the end of the project but I can’t even make myself believe cleaning, sorting, re-carpeting, painting and minor carpentry is a funday activity.

I was actually beginning to wonder where the funday activity would come in when the phone rang. It was Amy wondering if we were still on for dinner with Stacy. Then 30 minutes of back and forth phoning/laughing began and our plans were set in motion. It is amazing how indecisive best friends for 25 years can be when we try to coordinate a date, time and place to see each other. Many years ago we decided T.G.I Fridays would be our designated place of congregation. Not because it’s so great or anything – simply because it’s centrally located and we can hear ourselves talking. Oh, just to be in the presence of my two best friends for a couple of hours restored my soul and lifted my spirits. I often feel sorry for the wait-staff at Friday’s – they rarely serve us alcohol but I think they still wonder if they should cut us off or kick us out. We are loud and obnoxious whilst together. Amy, you totally need to be cut off from the diet soda – SERIOUSLY! There, try to figure out how to comment on this post now – bwa ha ha ha.

The take away today: My life would be lacking many things, my laughs and smiles would be far less, and my human connections would be stunted if I did not get to hang out with those people now and again.

However you choose to hang out, have fun today.

Picture: Your friends – then or now or both. Or a picture of one of the many inside jokes you share with those people. You know, something only they'd understand. I would, of course, never do that in a blog post. Nope, not at all.

Song: You’d think the song I already quoted earlier in the post, but no, YouTube doesn’t have that song. Instead I leave you with Violent Femmes, “Blister in the Sun” and Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl" (Sue). I don’t really expect this choice to make sense to anyone except Amy and Stacy. Here’s to us, ladies!

Tomorrow: Play a Round of Miniature Golf or Some Other Lawn Sport

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  1. Knowing Amy, I could totally hear the bwa ha ha ha!