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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Month of Fundays: Day 10 – Tending, Planting or Sitting in a Garden

Day 2 of my lackadaisical self. Well, I had to work the part-time job-hobby this morning, but after that I was lazy-to-the-extreme again. Today’s fun activity is the garden. Whether you tend the garden (said in my best dystopian propagandist voice), plant something, or just sit in one if you’re as sluggish as I am, gardens are a sort of peaceful get away right at your backdoor.

I like all types of gardens from formal to secret, rock, water or vegetable. Working in the garden is rewarding. Picking out what to plant and then watching your plants grow is satisfying.

I do have a smallish vegetable garden – this year it boasts tomatoes, peppers, basil and berries (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry – although that blueberry bush has yet, in its four years of existence, to yield any fruit. It seems happy and healthy, so I keep hoping). My veggie garden is just a hodge-podge of containers on the deck, so I don’t think you need a lot of space to garden. Try it!

Today I went to Centennial Lakes and read in the garden (I didn’t finish This Rough Magic yesterday due to the four hour nap in the middle of the afternoon. Seriously, I’m worse than a cat when I have a cold). Reading in the garden is one of my favorite activities, topped only by writing in one. Honestly, I use the garden as my office space in the spring, summer and fall and often think I have the best life ever when I do. It could be all of the vitamin D I get when I read in the garden, but I think it goes beyond that. Nature is awesome! Until a bird poops on you or the mosquitoes attack. Alas, the price I pay for my daily dose of fun each day.

There: Gardens are therapeutic. You can’t help being serene and a little bit regal whilst hanging out in one. Can we take a moment to contemplate just how many times I use the word ‘whilst’ in my blog? Damn British husband rubbing off on me with his good and proper English nonsense. I should explain: Chris doesn’t read the blog, but I keep telling him I mention him in each one. Now, if he ever does look, he can easily find himself – he’ll be tagged and everything. Chris also frequently tells me I only married him because he’s British – this is emphatically not true, but I like to perpetuate the myth. He does have many other fine qualities as seen in his picture painting & paper folding skills of two blog posts ago. Back to the garden – at some point in my illustrious work history, I spent a few years as a florist. Maybe this is where I get my love of gardens. They sure do smell good…and look pretty…and calm the nerves. I’m reaching here for actual blog-worthy material; I’m pretty sure I’ve scrapped the bottom of the barrel. Maybe today is one of those days I just let a bunch of pictures I took do the talking for me:

I’ve lost you all now with my cold medicine and sun induced ramblings haven’t I? In other fun day news, the book I’m reading is almost done, it’s getting suspenseful – even if it is the umpteenth time I’ve read it. I’m off to finish it now; no more writing tonight. Have a fun day in which ever garden you choose to be in – we need a little peace and serenity in our lives right now, no matter where we are on this big wide globe.

Picture: A garden. What you planted, what you will plant, your garden’s yield. Your favorite garden, (I abstained from putting in another picture of the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace. Aren’t you proud of me? It remains my favorite though. Best. Writing. Place. Ever.) or just one you visited today.

Song: Bach’s “Cello Suite No.1 Prelude in G Minor” because it was playing at Centennial Lakes today and made me happy and peaceful. Possibly part of the serenity is the piped in music sweeping through and filling up the garden’s quiet corners today.

Practice Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or Meditation

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