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Friday, July 23, 2010

What Do You Think of Fireflies?

I’m curious. What do other people think of the group Owl City and their song “Fireflies”? You can tell me what you think about any of their songs, but I’m particularly intrigued with this one. It keeps popping up everywhere. Usually when this happens, I hate the song with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

For instance…Madonna’s “Frozen” still makes me shutter. It followed me around for about two years in the late 90s, culminating in Mariah actually screaming at some poor guy on the city bus because he started singing it while sitting next to me without prompt of a Discman, (late 90s was very pre-mp3 player in my universe) radio, or any other music-aide I could see. Moral of the story: If you’re going to go all crazy and yell at someone for no good reason you should do so on a city bus – the rest of the trip was quite peaceful; no one else bothered me at all that day.

But “Fireflies” is different and I’m not quite sure why...
- The words make no sense. It’s like a hodge-podge of random stream of consciousness.

- I’m not sure why I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly, or why fireflies would leave teardrops, or why lightning bugs are hugging me or teaching me how to dance (dancing + Mariah = dying duck in a thunderstorm after all).

- Anyone can sing anything to this tune and sound like they are professional musicians. I mean that’s like magic more than a song, isn’t it?

- The song has gone viral in a major way. On YouTube alone, there’s a fan version of “Fireflies” for pretty much any TV show ever invented.

- Not ONLY can anyone sing the song and sound good but your creativity will be tested in new and intriguing ways. You can RANT about anything with “Fireflies”.

And here’s where I stop because I want to share some of these viral versions below. I was going to do a poll on which you think is the best, but since my followers are mostly here for HP Mondays. (Or HP-day-of-the-week-that-ends-in-Y-and-I-feel-like-posting…See. HP Monday is so much easier to say.) I have a feeling the poll would be biased. So here are a few of my favorites and yes I should have been writing instead of playing around on YouTube – but that’s what writing distractions are for.

The first one is the actual song – but the cartoon amuses me. And, if my British Husband reads this post, he will cringe and make me a prettier new version because he is such a wonderful artist and computer animator. (Alas, he tends not to read my blog posts and therefore misses out on some of my accolades.)

Next follows the Hermione/Ron HP version (Thank you Mara Corey for sending me this one) and is performed by that girl in the Parselmouths who also did that great NaNoWriMo song.

Then a geek fan version of Doctor Who but seriously the nanogenes totally look like fireflies

Finally, I couldn’t resist this brilliant IKEA one…I shop there and so I understand. Plus, arrows are just plain wrong.

Thanks for reading another faulty logic rant.


  1. I, along with just about everyone I know, have found myself in major like with this song. The lyrics are all fun and nonsensical, and the electronica music is all bouncy and nice. I'm a fan and it is one of those songs that defies the whole "This song is all over the place and it's driving me crazy" factor. You're completely right Mariah, it's a song that you can put just about any words into it and it works.

    I just find it interesting that Owl City isn't a music group, it's just one guy from Owatonna, and apparently he has a different music "concept" or whatever called Sky Sailing that also sounds pretty cool.

  2. Well crap. I am really old, yo. Seriously, Owl City is one guy and not a group?! Seriously, Owl City is from Owatonna. Huh. Well, much of HIS music reminds me of some crazy, auto-tune zydeco mix; so why not be from Owatonna?!

    I feel like my mom right now, “So what hip, groovy tunes are you kids listening to these days?” Perhaps this is what’s wrong with iTunes – because I own many Owl City songs and yet I have no CD liner notes to reference.

    You have no idea how much I want to go edit my blog post right now…

    On the plus side, Anna is a font of much welcomed knowledge. Thanks for setting me straight and in such an agreeable manner, too.

  3. I love Owl City.

    Yeah. That's why I didn't bother commenting before.