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Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Motto for a New Blog

I received a facebook message from a friend recently asking for a critique on her writing. She included a poem in her text for me to look at. The message came with a warning: “I’m insecure about my writing and tend to shut down when discussing it, but I trust your voice and value your opinion”.

Although I do think I was treading on thin ice when I responded with my critique – and I would like to state right here in my blog that it was an amazing poem that paints a moving picture – what struck me more than even her writing sample was that simple warning phrase, “I tend to shut down when discussing my writing”.

Amen sister! We all shut down to a point; bearing your soul is NEVER easy and I think it’s what stops many potential writers from following through. Heck, it still stops me in my tracks almost every day. A writer needs to get used to rejection – because it WILL happen – but I can’t think of a better way to start my blog. And again to that friend out there who may be reading this: Please, please, please keep on writing. Work through the pain and fear to find the exhilaration of painting that perfect word picture. It’s SO worth it!

I do feel like I’ve been forced to blog. I’m not complaining; it’s something I’ve thought about doing for awhile, but freelancers need to post musings so editors can check out their style. A pitch can only take you so far in today’s social networking society - and so here I am blogging. Soon I’ll be forced to tweet too; and then what will I do?! Those who know me know I refer to all things Twitter as “tweety-twatting” and I hate it. If you really want to know the minutia of my existence then this probably isn’t the blog for you. And may I suggest you get a life while you’re at it…seriously…right now. Stop reading this.

For everyone else, this is where you can find the ramblings of a freelance writer, novelist and avid reader. I learned a life lesson three months ago when I lost my day job; instead of taking the lackluster jobs my old company offered, I decided to turn to my passions to make a living. I will no longer use the office job as an excuse for my unfulfilled dreams and ambitions! I will no longer (or less seldom) shut down when someone rejects my writing – or gives it a scathing critique!

I’ve honestly never been happier and I’d like to share those lessons with anyone who will listen – or read – them. Write. Read. Live. It really is that simple.

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